How it all started

World Wide Shipagencies Association ( WWSA ) was established in September 2007. Several ship agents took the initiative to create WWSA, a registered Antwerp based non-profit association, being a co-operative of professionals, offering an alternative to similar associations in the maritime sector.

Through the mutual co-operation of its registered members, WWSA is able to create an exclusive, readily accessible and updated global data bank. Connected members can then exchange information about the ports they cover, general information about changing rules and regulations related to shipping, and also changing legislation in the countries that they operate in.

This dialogue enables a member of a particular country, to access and profitably use insights on the shipping industry of a co-member belonging to another country. Any information needed in connection with the relationship with principals or otherwise, becomes available with just a phone call to a fellow member.

WWSA also encourages members to exchange information and/or leads with fellow members about new initiatives of known ship owners, like a new service or changes in existing agencies in any one of their ports of operation, in order to assist the other members in obtaining the relevant business.geographies. This makes it a rich source of real time shipping information from across the globe, lending its voice credibility, exclusivity and virtually guaranteeing performance.